Happy bride elect

Do you feel that you should move your relationship to another level? You are together really long time and you know that each woman would like be bride once a life? So you should prepare really nice proposal day for her and then you can start with planning of your wedding. But there is problem? Do you know that you don´t have enough contacts to make your plan? It doesn´t matter because we are here and we can help you with creating your perfect day. There is propose in Prague for you.

Romantic day

We know that women love romantic. So we created two special packages that you can also avail. There is possibility to stay in gardens under the Prague Castle and enjoy here really nice dinner. We know that it is really favourit because all gardens are closed only for you. You can taste the best dinner, because we cooperate only with restaurants that won prize, so they have the best chief. You will choose your dishes, that´s clear because you should get only food that you love. There is also second offer that is pre-arranged and then we will conforms to your action and wish.